Want your kids to have fun AND learn something at the same time?  Check out the Mount Washington Observatory's Weather Discovery Center!

The Weather Discovery Center is located in North Conway (New Hampshire), a short (about 2 hours) drive from Central Maine.  An offshoot of the Mount Washington Observatory, the center provides families a hands-on opportunity to learn about weather science.

There are exhibits that show how solar panels work, what it's like being caught in a hurricane, and how sailboats are affected by changing winds.  There's also a mockup of a green screen so you can pretend to be a TV meteorologist and (my favorite) a cabin that features a simulation of the record-setting 231 MPH wind that was recorded on top of Mount Washington in 1934.

Weather Discovery Center

With the exception of a few holidays, the center is open daily and is very affordable.  Adults are $2, kids 7 to 17 are $1, and kids 6 and younger are free