Sara Bareilles is an amazing storyteller, and in her latest video for 'I Choose You,' the singer captures the magic of couples becoming engaged.

"Tell the world that we finally got it all right / I choose you / I will become yours and you will become mine / I choose you," she sings as captions explain she's helping some lucky-in-love fans pop the question. (Yep, our hearts are melting a little already!)

The 'I Choose You' video chronicles the creative proposal plans from start to the magical moment. It's clear the lucky couples are smitten with each other, and we love how sweet their proposals are! Naturally, Sara popped in to play her hit during the celebration, ensuring the memory is one the couples will never forget.

Warning: This is totally a feel-good music video and will have you feeling warm and fuzzy after you watch it! Bring on the good vibes by watching Sara's 'I Choose You' video above!

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