It was a scary situation that unfolded at Augusta, Maine's Mill Park on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the Kennebec Journal, everything began at around 4:45 pm on Tuesday when Augusta Police were notified that it appeared as though people were threatening others with some kind of black handgun.

When police arrived at Mill Park they began investigating what exactly had happened. As they were investigating, the vehicle that allegedly contained the suspects in question attempted to leave the area. Because there were reports of firearms involved, police then conducted a felony traffic stop.


A felony traffic stop is unlike a regular traffic stop for multiple reasons. For starters, a felony traffic stop involves multiple officers as it is considered high risk. Additionally, in most cases, felony traffic stops frequently involve officers having their firearms drawn on the vehicle and its occupants. However in this particular case, we don't have confirmation that Augusta Police had their weapons drawn on the vehicle at Mill Park.

As officers conducted the traffic stop on the vehicle, they were quickly able to locate the 'gun' in question. Fortunately, according to Augusta Police Sgt. Eric Lloyd, what was thought to be a legit firearm ended up being a squirt gun that resembled a Glock pistol.

Lloyd told the Kennebec Journal that all of those involved were over the age of 18 and were allowed to leave the scene, though Augusta Police took the squirt gun as 'investigatory information'.

This is a developing story and we will keep this article updated if anymore information becomes available to us.

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