Parents were scared as word spread about a lockdown at Mill Stream Elementary School in Norridgewock, Monday March 4th. Over 100 parents crowded around a police perimeter and waited to hear news from inside the school. It was not a drill, but thankfully, it was not what officials originally had feared.

According to the KJ, here is what happened. The lockdown started when two first-graders told a teacher they saw a man with a rifle outside the school. School officials took it seriously and went into action. The lockdown was lifted about an hour later.

The Maine State Police determined there was no threat and kids had not seen a gun.  When this started, the school’s automated message delivery system was making calls and told parents not to call or come to the school. However, they did go. Of course, after a call like that, who would not go to their kids school?  Over a hundred parents showed up at the school.  Security experts say that if there had been a real threat, the parents who responded would have added to the risk, making it more difficult for police to do their jobs.