Let's just put it all out there ladies and gentle dudes. It's hard enough shopping for clothes as a curvy person as it is. My body type is always "running up that hill" as Kate Bush says. So I am changing sizes constantly. I range anywhere from small to extra large so I am always trying to find something that makes me feel even more beautiful.

But I have been having an extra tough time with shirts and tank tops. I have no shame in my shopping game and love any wardrobe opportunity I can find, but all of the shirts I am seeing are UNFINISHED. This means, crop tops are everywhere.

Crop-tops are taking over the world like Vecna. If you've seen Stranger Things, that is a serious accusation and I'm sure if Eleven can't get us out of it.


Fashion trends always dictate how the department stores are going to make their clothes and I am upset with this.

Last night I was at Walmart in Auburn and all I saw was a sea of half-shirts. It's like the fire alarm went off in the middle of the making of these clothes and everyone just forgot to finish sewing them.

We asked the question to our listeners to see if you guys are having trouble with this also and we got great responses. Not only is this a big problem for all of us adult woman but also young girls.

A Maine Mother called in and told us that she's frustrated with the clothes made now for her young daughter because they all seem to be too short and crop tops.

But their is hope because I received two different tips! Shein, which is an online clothing store is very popular and the commenters told me that the shirts are finished!

But even cooler, a caller told me about two local Maine moms that own an online clothing store calling Darling Doe Boutique. I took a look at it and the heavens have finally opened. They clothes not only are very nice and trendy but they are all long enough! Check it out and order local to support these Maine moms that are providing what we all need!

I will continue to shop at my local stores to hope that the universe has heard my prayers and the fashion people finish these clothes but if not, I will shop Shein and Darling Doe Boutique!

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