This morning was our first chat with psychic Maureen Hancock, and the lady has quite a back story, having come back from the brink twice, as you'll hear in our chat from this morning....

I've always been a skeptic, but an open-minded one. I'm more than just a little intrigued by what Maureen offers and it seems like she's easy to talk with based on our short conversation. I'm eager to see her in action.

Maureen will be back on the Moose Morning Show next week. We'll give you plenty of heads up and, hopefully, we'll have her for a little while so she can talk with, and perhaps help, you. That's what she likes to Families coping with the loss of a child, police looking for lost people and that sort of thing. Imagine reconnecting with a passed loved one. This is her specialty and that's what pricks my interest. You can interact with her on Facebook.

Check out our chat and listen for when she'll be back on! Truthfully, I can't wait!


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