Spring in Maine means lots of different things. It means your driveway is probably going to turn into a heaping helping of mud soup, the black flies are going to return from their winter slumber, and you can finally start to use the grill in flip-flops and a hoodie. Okay, who am I kidding, I never stop grilling in flip-flops or a hoodie!

Another sure sign of spring in Maine is the return of our beloved outdoor activities. Eating ice cream on a picnic table, Maine Maple Sunday and of course the opening of area golf courses.

While I was scrolling through the book of face last night, I came across an exciting post from Vassalboro's Natanis Golf Course. It turns out that they are open for early season golf on nine of the courses eighteen holes. And, in just a couple of days, all eighteen holes will be open for play.

I'm not much of a golfer (though I'd really love to learn!), but this seems extra-early to me this year. It clearly has to do with this season's snowfall (or lack thereof) mixed with the beautiful temperatures we've been experiencing.

For more info, visit Natanis online, ore just call them at 207.622.3561 and make plans to get out and have some fun on the links!

No more waiting let’s play some golf!!!🏌🏻‍♂️We have 9 holes open now and 18 open on Wednesday. Don’t waste the great weather come on out and enjoy the fresh air.

Posted by Natanis Golf Course on Monday, March 22, 2021

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