Yesterday Maine Turnpike Authority Executive Director Peter Mills (who happens to be governor Mills' brother) said that Maine is designing a new sign that greets drivers entering the state on the Maine turnpike in Kittery, according to Former governor Paul LePage's slogan "Open For Business" will soon be replaced with a message that delivers a kinder, gentler state of Maine.

Where LePage's message encouraged business owners to set up shop here in our state, Mills' message is for everybody to want to call Maine home.

Governor Mills' spokesman Scott Ogden told It's all part of Maine's first female governor Janet Mills' idea to bring in a more diverse population to the state. "Gov. Mills wants to send a clear message: Maine is a great place to live, work and raise a family,  it's a great place to call home." And she looks forward to having that sentiment greet people as they enter our state."

The new slogan may very well be as simple as "Maine: Welcome Home"


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