Maine is going to offer free flu shots to all Maine residents.  The Maine Immunization Program has flu shots and the nasal spray that were to be used for kids, the uninsured and certain other higher risk groups. But I was reading in the Sun Journal that Maine has enough on hand at the moment they can let it be used by all Mainers for free. If not, it will just go to waste.

If your doctor takes part in the Maine Immunization Program you should be all set. But if they do not and your doctor wants to, the just need to sign up and receive the free flu vaccine. Just keep in mind, it is the vaccine is free, you may be charged and 'administration fee' of up to $21.58. Yep, they can charge you to stick you!  And depending on the situation you might be looking at a office visit charge. But from what I understand, a patient cannot be denied the flu shot because they can't afford it.

Don't have a doctor?  You may be able to get a flu shot through a public clinic. And if you are reading this and decide you want to get your flu shot, you can also get them at most pharmacies. It is quick and easy, but that is not where you will find the free vaccine.