Finally, You’ll Be Able to Get A Burgery Breakfast! [Video]
I can't even begin to tell you how many times, by 7am, I'm craving a burger and fries. Well now, thanks to Burger King, maybe I'll be able to fulfill my morning lust! I may be one of few that get up at 3:30 in the morning so, to be fair, 7am is about lunchtime. But even on days when I get up a little later, a burger would often times hit the spot. Well, with 5, 000+ BK's taking part in this new br
Put That Burger Down — It’s Destroying the Ozone Layer
Eating a charbroiled burger is better for your heart, but according to new research from the University of California Riverside, that charbroiled goodness comes at the expense of the ozone layer—big time. Researchers say that is because commercial charbroilers and countertop grills produce more than double the grease, smoke, heat, water vapor and combustion products than even a diesel truck does.