Flu Season Focusing Attention on ‘Paid Sick Day’ Issue
This flu season is drawing attention to the issues around mandatory paid sick leave. Not so much for those who have it, but for those who do not.  More than 40 million people in the work force do not have paid sick days. So, when they are sick, if they do not work, they do not get paid.
5 Helpful Tips to Avoid Catching the Flu
Unless you’ve been hiding out under the covers shivering, nursing a fever and clutching your achy bones, you probably know this has been a brutal flu season.
What you may not know is there are measures you can take to avoid the flu -- and most of them are pretty darned simple. So, wha…
New Facebook App Will Help You Find Out Who Gave You the Flu
After last year's flu season, which health officials say was one of the mildest in the past 30 years, the illness is back with a vengeance. Well, if you're unlucky enough to currently have the flu, at least a new Facebook app can help track down the diseased jerk who gave it to you in the …
The Flu is Back - Bigtime!
This season's flu is worse than in past years, in part because we have not seen this flu strain in a while and we don't have immunity. Maine state health officials believe it could get worse before it gets better.
The Flu Caused Benton Girls Death
The flu season has hit Maine early this year. Normally the increase in flu cases comes after the holidays with all of its travel and gatherings. Now the flu is to blame for the death of 6 year old girl from Benton.
Flu Season is Starting Early This Year
Flu season in the U.S. is off to its earliest start in nearly a decade. Health officials said suspected flu cases have jumped in five Southern states, and the primary strain circulating tends to make people sicker than other types. But there is some good news!

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