715 New Planets Discovered By NASA
NASA announced the discovery of 715 new planets.  Now just to get a feel for the scope of this announcement, about 1,000 planets total had been identified in our galaxy. That is before this week.
NASA’s ‘Earth At Night’ Video
There really isn't much to write here, the video alone tells the story. I saw this on the news earlier today. I think it's very cool it shows the earth and what it looks like at night with city lights and the population densities, etc. Check it out...
NASA, Keep Doing What You Do
No I'm not old enough to remember the landings on the moon, the adventures I've seen are of the shuttle missions and now the Mars rovers. I don't see NASA as a waste of money.  Here in America we are known as pioneers and risk takers. We need to lead in space adventure, and I wo…