If you can't even believe there will a 'Taken 3,' the first photos have debuted to prove that, yes, it's happening. But don't worry, guys. Liam Neeson assures us there will be no mayhem abroad in 'Taken 3' ... he's just going on the run this time.

The first 'Taken' saw Neeson's retired CIA agent Bryan Mills wreaking havoc in Europe to free his kidnapped daughter, while 'Taken 2' saw him and his ex-wife getting taken on vacation. Speaking with USA Today, which premiered the first 'Taken 3' photos, Neeson said, "If my daughter was 'taken' again on a trip, Bryan Mills would have to be certifiably locked up for bad parenting."

UPDATE: We've included two more photos, which debuted over at Empire.

This time, Mills' own government is out to get him. Treading lightly on the first few plot details, the actor said:

I have to go on the run, I'll put it that way, from the not-so-lawful types and the lawful authorities. Bryan Mills served his country faithfully, but now even they are after him. They must not like me.

As seen in the 'Taken 3' photos, Forest Whitaker joins the cast as a law enforcement agent pursuing Mills, in addition to franchise newcomer Sam Spruell, and the returning Dougray Scott and Maggie Grace. The film (which, by the way, is officially called 'Tak3n'), is set to kick off 2015 with a January 9 release, and while we await the trailer, you can see the first photos below.