Fans of 'The Bachelorette' were shocked to see Andi Dorfman make an unprecedented move during the season's July 28 finale. However, the intensity only rose during the after-show, when runner-up Nick Viall spilled that the two slept together in the infamous Fantasy Suite.

During the season finale, viewers watched as Andi opted to break up with Nick before he headed to the last rose ceremony, saving him from picking out an engagement ring when she knew she wasn't in love. During the live special airing immediately after the finale, the two finally came face-to-face.

Nick addressed the couple's night in the Fantasy Suite, asking Andi, "If you knew how in love with you I was, why did you make love with me?” (Quotes via Us Weekly.)

While Andi called the comment "below the belt," Nick is finally opening up about what really happened that night.

"I probably divulged enough information, so I won't get into too more detail now that I'm not caught up in the moment, but I mean it was a level of intimacy that was far beyond just the act of sex for me, which obviously was part of it," he tells E! News.

Nick continued: "It was just very passionate, intimate, and personal and emotional. Just with the fact that an engagement was on the line, and that was understood by both of us and I was very clear about my feelings, and she was very clear about where she wanted this to go and I was very clear about where I thought it might be going. I think that's kind of what I meant about it."

The former contestant also clarified that Andi never said "I love you" to him, but that he has no regrets.

"... In hindsight you can always go back and change things," he said. "But again, over all, I was true to myself and I'm proud of that. I suppose I could always have said things differently or maybe bit my tongue sometimes. Without question maybe you'd go back and do things a little bit differently, but I certainly have no regrets about putting myself out there, no regrets about focusing on her and doing what I thought was best for our relationship."