It couldn't be a more sobering reality.

The fact is, we work for most of our lives. And whether we like it or not, money is what makes the world go round.

So, we hustle. Some people hustle in school (and stay in school way longer than others to get the higher degree or doctorate so they can make more money in their career overall).

Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz
Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz

Other people hustle in the work world and work two -- sometimes, three -- jobs just to make ends meet. We all strive for that big salary -- that elusive six-figure salary -- but what does it actually get us?

Because honestly, while six figures used to sound like a lot and get anyone lucky enough to hit that level of salary a lot, it just doesn't go as far now.

At least, not in New England, anyway.

Alexander Mils / Josh Appel
Alexander Mils / Josh Appel

New England Cost of Living

New England is a sought-after place. Goes without saying. We have all four seasons, fall foliage that is unrivaled, delicious seafood year-round, sports teams in every major professional sport to follow -- New England has it all.

Including a stupidly high cost of living. And that's the difference between a place like New England -- while salaries may be a bit higher in this area of the country than others, so is the cost to survive every single day.

Case in point -- just last year, a Portland, Maine condo was listed on Zillow as being listed over $1.1 million, compared to a similar condo in St. Louis, Missouri listed at just $110,000.

And as if that's not bad enough, here's a little (not so) fun fact that's gone viral on the Only in Boston page on Instagram -- a $100,000 salary in Boston after cost of living and taxes are taken out?

Less than half.


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