Laura Benedict and her crew at the Red Barn Restaurant in Augusta are known for their generosity.  Their actions during the coronavirus pandemic has made this crystal clear.

As a significant amount of the restaurant's business comes from take-out orders, there was really no reason to close.  However, as a big percentage of Laura's regular customers are elderly (those most susceptible to the COVID-19 virus), she decided to close in order to keep them safe.  She put the safety of her customers and staff over her financial well-being.

Recently reopened, she's continuing to do good!

If it has been a bit since you have driven past the restaurant, located on Riverside Drive in Augusta, Laura has began using her sign to advertise other local restaurants.

Leading up to the reopening of Lisa's Restaurant & Lounge, she was using sign space to advertise the iconic Augusta restaurant's return.  And, in the last few days, the signage has started plugging Antigoni's Pizza and College Carry-Out.

Big thanks to Laura and her staff for all they do for our community.  We are extremely lucky to have them as part of Central Maine's business landscape.

Facing many of the challenges other local businesses have, there will be a fundraiser for The Red Barn on Saturday, June 6th.  There is a Facebook event page that has all of the details.  Check it out by clicking HERE

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