Chloe isn't a puppy anymore but she's ready to find humans to love and care for her into her golden years. 

Chloe is a German Shepherd dog creeping in on her senior years. She has a condition that prevents her from creating her own tears so she needs eye drops to keep her peepers in tip top shape. If you can look past the small task of eye drops, Chloe could be the perfect pup for you. Dogs New Digs

The rescue says that Chloe loves playing in the yard and is very easily amused.

She is a big fan of just about any toy you give her and can amuse herself for hours with something as simple as a tennis ball or a stick! Being such a sweet and playful gal, Chloe does marvelous with children and we think she would adore having some in her new home.

- Old Dogs New Digs

Senior dogs are often overlooked at shelters and rescues in favor of young, bouncing puppies, but there are so many benefits to adopting adult or senior dogs. Many older dogs have a strong base of manners, potty training, and skills. Older dogs can be less excitable and they have more life experience when dealing with other dogs, children, and animals. If you're looking to add a dog to your family, consider adopting a senior dog and clearing the shelter of pups who are searching for their forever homes. Dogs New Digs

Her puppyhood may be behind her, but Chloe still enjoys going out on adventures with her humans. She used be a bit of a wildchild who loved to go for runs, but nowadays she is happy romping around the yard or going for leisurely strolls with her humans.

- Old Dogs New Digs

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