When you think of the word "speakeasy" what comes to mind?  A heavy metal door at the end of a dimly lit alley?  Needing to use the secret knock before the doorman will open the peephole slot to see who's there?  And, needing to say the password before he'll open the door?

That's exactly what you were picturing, isn't it?  That is what all of the prohibition era speakeasies we've seen in the movies look like, so it makes sense.

We still have speakeasies today, but the speakeasies of the 2020s are A LOT different than those of the 1920s!

A modern speakeasy is typically a somewhat hidden bar that is a little more on the "chill" side.  They may have live music, but it is more likely to be a solo artist or a duo, instead of a full band.  And, they almost always have a really great cocktail program with a focus on modern versions of classic drinks.

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

That is exactly what you'll find at The Gin Mill.

Located "above" Water Street in Augusta, The Gin Mill is upstairs from Riverfront BBQ.

Stepping through the door of The Gin Mill, the first thing you'll probably notice about the establishment is the 35 foot long bar that dominates one side of the room.  The sheer length of the bar means there are almost always a few seats for you and your friends.  Opposite the bar, there are several really cool copper topped tables encircled by leather couches.  The lighting is low enough to set a mood, but not so low that you can't see.  All of this together gives the establishment a classic speakeasy feel.

The Gin Mill has live music every Saturday from t PM to 10 PM.

For current hours, and to see their entertainment schedule, check out their Facebook page.

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