Maine winters aren't just bad for the overall cleanliness of you car, Maine winters are bad for the overall mechanics of your car, too. Most people, myself included, get discouraged about washing my truck in the wintertime in Maine because I convince myself that 'what's the point' if I'm going to pull out of the carwash and have a dirty vehicle again in ten short minutes.

Well, in the wintertime, washing your vehicle isn't really about the visual appeal of the shiny clean paint. No, washing your car in the wintertime is more about preserving the structural integrity and overall safety of your vehicle. Maine's road salt is insanely corrosive if left on your vehicle for long periods of time.

After a winter storm in Maine our roads tend to be covered in three things. Slush, sand and salt. The first two are more of a nuisance, but the latter can actually be pretty dangerous.

We're all familiar with how road salt is corrosive and can do a number to the frame and even body of your vehicle. But one of the things people don't often think about is brake lines. Yup, it's true. Road salt can eat away at the very parts that are responsible for bringing your vehicle to a safe stop. So, the next time  you drive after a winter storm in Maine, even though it will 'look' dirty a mile after you leave the wash, pop on over to Fast Eddie's Express car wash and take a run through. Not only will your car look amazing, but you'll also be helping to keep yourself safe!

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