Picture yourself in a room throwing paint at a canvas, t-shirt, or whatever you want to get artistic with.  I can't even right now.  This sounds so much fun, and talk about a unique stress reliever.

Getting artsy, creative, messy, and letting loose by throwing paint sounds so liberating.  It could be a date night, girl's night, birthday party, family night, or even a company team-building moment.

@ThePollockRoom via Facebook
@ThePollockRoom via Facebook

I've discovered that these splatter painting places are far and few between, which is a shame. But, I did manage to find three here in New England. And actually, when you think about it, this makes them that much more special.

So get your Jackson Pollack side ready, and let's throw paint and get messy.

Art Escape in New Hampshire

If you want to dial up your paint splatter excitement, Art Escape's website says you can go crazy with your shades and hues in a black light splatter painting room.  And it gets better, because brushes aren't the only tool you can use while creating your vision.

Splatter room lets you create your masterpiece with brushes, bazooka guns, and a variety of other fun tools. Grab your bottle of wine and join us for an Ultimate Creative Experience!

Art Escape New Hampshire is in Laconia.

The Pollack Room in Maine

Now off to Augusta, Maine, where your splatter art turns your clothing into secondary art, unless you want to wear the disposable poncho. Its website says that you get 4 colors of pain, along with goggles, shower caps, and booties.  I'm thinking that our artwork isn't the only Instagram-worthy photo moment with that fashion statement.

We use washable, non-toxic paint just in case some gets on you accidentally (or purposefully!).


Pinspiration in Massachusetts

In Easton, Massachusetts, the Pinspiration website touts several paint splatter experiences.  There's a private hour-long adventure where you can go into a black light room if you want, and choose your canvas size.  Birthday parties and bridal showers rejoice with customized events, and of course, there's a special date night package.

Our famous Splatter Date™ is a unique, romantic activity you will never forget! Have a blast, and bring home a masterpiece. $99 for two people includes chocolates for two and drinks.

What do you want to splatter with paint?  Oh, and by the way, if you want to take this to the next level and smash things, check out this Rage Cage in Nashua, New Hampshire.

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