For the second year in a row Caribou native Spencer McElwain was the top Maine finisher at the Boston Marathon finishing with a time of 2:34:03 for the 26.2 miles.McElwain, a former University of Maine runner, was one of 218 from the State of Maine that took part in Monday's race. He finished 1:39:00 ahead of Bangor's Adam Goode. McElwain's time placed him 133 overall, out of the 30,000 taking part in the race.

The top female finisher from the state was Kristen Barry of Scarborough, who came in at 2:49:32.

Below are the top 10 finishers from Maine in the 119th running of the Boston Marathon.

  1. Spencer McElwain     Arundel         2:34:03
  2. Adam Goode             Bangor           2:35:42
  3. Robert Gomez          Portland         2:36:32
  4. Erik McCarthy           Old Town        2:40:19
  5. Robert Ashby            Brunswick      2:42:43
  6. Matt Homich              Ellsworth        2:43:00
  7. Kenneth Akiha          Orono              2:47:47
  8. Kristen Barry            Scarborough   2:49:32
  9. Timothy Tunney        Ellsworth         2:49:32
  10. Skylar Haines           Orono              2:51:07

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