My vacation included some travel along the toll routes in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania.'s's I had a little 'issue'.

I had reloaded my E-ZPass before I left. I was good to go or so I thought.

See, as I was on the road in Pennsylvania I noticed that the lights that acknowledge the E-ZPass were not lighting up at all.  Not even a red light to tell me there was an issue.

So call up the customer service for the Maine Turnpike Authority and the guy I spoke to was so great!!!!

He told me the battery in the E-ZPass units normally last about 5-7 years. E-ZPass is 12 years old.

So to my dear old E-ZPass…rest in peace.

To my new sleek E-ZPass…LET’S GO!

As for all those tolls when my E-ZPass  was not working...WELL....I guess they scan your plate as you go thu and will cross reference it that way. He told me to avoid any tolls that had a gate, but the drive-thu kind, the system would sort it out.