It has been two years in Ayla Reynolds went missing. The Maine State Police have done 20 searches and are still working the case, but no arrests have been made. Police say someone knows what happened to the child, but no one is telling. Two years! And no one in the house that night has given up the secret.

Officials say as time goes by; finding out the truth gets harder. Her father reported her missing the morning of Dec. 17, telling police he last saw her when he put her to bed the night before. State police believe Ayla is dead and have said that the three adults who were at the home when Ayla was reported missing aren’t telling authorities everything they know. Those adults were her dad, his sister and the dad’s girlfriend. They were in Ayla’s grandmother’s home. Police say that group had some information they are not sharing.

Thank you to all the law enforcement who have done these searching and investigated all the leads. It has to be frustrating to not be at a point to make an solid arrest and see justice for Ayla. I am sure that day will come.

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