A couple of singer/songwriters decided to use a song they had just written as their wedding vows. The result is beautiful! And, as it turns out, a big career boost!

The relationship between Michael and Carissa Alvarado started when they met on the set of a music video. So the fact that their wedding ceremony was musical only seems fitting.

Yahoo! reports that Michael and Carissa were both solo artists when they met but soon formed a duet called 'Us the Duo.' They really didn't want to sing at their own wedding, but realized the song they were writing, 'No Matter Where You Are,' contained the vows they wanted to express. The performance is a sweet and touching, intimate moment.

The kicker came when the video of the performance was posted on YouTube and immediately got over 500,000 views. They were signed to Republic records and plan a 25 city tour this summer! Apparently for them, the honeymoon is not over!