The auto industry is in kind of a strange spot.  Due to supply chain issues, it can sometimes take months to get your new vehicle.  On the plus side, for the dealers, vehicles don't often sit on the lot for very long.

It is kind of like how the housing market was up until a few months ago.

Have you always wanted to go into the car dealer business?  This could be your opportunity.

According to the BizQuest website, an established auto dealership, with TWO Midcoast Maine locations, is for sale.

The company that owns both Searsport Motor Company and Rockland Motor Company was established in 2001  The vehicle dealerships are located in Searsport and Rockland, respectively.


According to the listing, the company as ten employees and the real estate at those locations is owned.

A quick look at the company website shows us that they are a used vehicle lot and carry a mix of everything.  As of October 2022, they have a mix of Dodge, GMC, Chevy, and Toyota pickups.  They also have a bunch of domestic SUVs and at least one Lexus SUV.

According to BizQuest, the owner wants out of the business because they are retiring.  Additionally, if you are new to the auto dealing business, they owner will provide the purchasing party with all the necessary training.

As of October 2022, the list price for the business is $2,200,000.

Get more details HERE

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