It was one of my favorite movies as a kid. It is one movie I will watch now if it's on TV or on DVD on occasion. This movie was released on video 25 years ago today to 14 million pre-sold copies even though it's big screen run was six years previous. What movie?

The Movie is 'E.T. The Extra Terrestrial' (E.T.). I remember going to the theater to see it as one of my first. I saw it with a babysitter at a stand alone movie house. Not many of those places left today. For those who know me from childhood and who grew up in Halifax you will remember the Hyland Theatre on the Armdale Rotary. Weirdly the place burned down while 'Backdraft" was the movie showing on the marquis but I digress.

Back to 'E.T.' It's a story about a UFO that lands in what looks to be suburban Los Angeles. While aliens are out looking around at Earth, the G-Men come looking, the aliens get scared go back in their ship but accidentally leave one on Earth.

Elliot who is about 10 finds him and befriends him and tries to help the alien, 'E.T.' get home. It's dramatic, funny and action filled.

A must see. By today's standards, I'd call it a family picture. It stars a very young Drew Barrymore and was made by Steven Spielburg.

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