Bryan Bedder, Getty Images

On this day (January 8) back in 1993, NBC offered David Letterman the ‘Tonight Show’ and as quickly as Letterman said yes, NBC and Jay Leno weaseled Leno's way into getting that show and we’re not talking about when he got the show back after the short lived Conan O’Brien stint. This was back in 1993. Yes it happened twice. Look out Jimmy Fallon.

David Letterman previous had hosted ‘Late Night' NBC’s 12:35 show, now hosted by Jimmy Fallon and soon to be hosted by Seth Meyers. As a side note, I can’t wait for Meyers to get in the chair. Where is Fallon going? He’s taking the ‘Tonight Show’ after Jay Leno retires again. Jimmy Fallon starts at 11:35 on February 24th and Meyers begins ‘Late Night’ right after Fallon on the same night on NBC.

Letterman has held the 11:35 spot on CBS ever since he got hosed out of the ‘Tonight Show’ offering. Following Letterman on CBS at 12:35 is Craig Ferguson who I love to watch if I can make it up that late. Conan O’Brien ended up at 11 pm on TBS after Leno got the 'Tonight Show' back from him. O'Brien is now going head-to-head against Arsenio Hall and Jon Stewart.

The night time talk show circuit has grown and shifted a ton over the past few years. Jimmy Kimmel recently moved to 11:35 at ABC to compete directly with NBC and CBS. It is full throttle comedy on the networks. Cable is full of shows as well. I mentioned Conan O’Brien at TBS and Jon Stewart on Comedy Central, but there is also Chelsea Handler, Stephen Colbert and a show on Bravo.

Who is your favorite late night talker?

My favorites in order: Letterman, Craig Ferguson, Fallon, Arsenio Hall, Kimmel.