I have been toying with the idea of getting a dashcam for about a year.  Every few weeks, I’ll hop online and take a look at a few different models.  I’ll compare prices and features, and choose one to buy, but I’ll never actually pull the trigger on the purchase.  A few months ago, I ALMOST bought one at an Augusta discount store, but the price (it was super cheap) kind of scared me.  So, just before I took it to the cashier, I decided against buying it and put it back.

Anyway, after what happened to me last night, I am definitely going to buy one!

My daughter, Denise, and I were DJing a wedding in Western Maine.  Those nasty snow squalls started to roll through the area just before we started the drive back to Central Maine.  Because the plows really had not had much of a chance to clear the roads, it was a slick drive.

At around 7:30, we were just the other side of Winthrop on Route 133.  We were following behind a pickup truck when it started to slide.  The truck first slide 90 degrees to the left, so that it was across both lanes of traffic.  Then, it finished its 180.  I tapped the brakes and realized I was not going to be able to stop quickly.  With my pucker factor turned up to 11, we continued to roll (slide?) forward.  Just as we slid past the truck, the driver managed to maneuver it into the correct lane for the direction it was traveling.  We were so close that we could have fist bumped each other as we slide past.

A stream of PG-13 profanities rolled out of my mouth through the entire event.  When it was all over, and we were safely on our way down the road, it dawned on me that Denise had not said a word during the entire event.

“Holy crap!  Denise, did you see that?” I asked.

Her response was, “Huh?  What? I was asleep.”

Yep!  She had slept through the entire thing.  The whole thing!  When I told her what happened, she did not believe me.  She was convinced that I was messing with her.  In her defense, a do mess with her and her sister a lot.

THAT is the reason I want a dashcam.  Not because I want video proof if I ever have to go to court over an accident.  Nope!  I want a dashcam so I prove it when something crazy happens to me while I am driving.

And, to the driver of that truck…  I am really glad that we were able to avoid crashing into each other.

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