Wiscasset Police Chief Larry Hesseltine says he is embarrassed after a Sunday incident.

According to WGME, Hesseltine pulled over 23 year old Vlad Palli on Main Street in Wiscasset after police got reports of him allegedly speeding in the breakdown lane an almost causing a head-on crash.

Hesseltine initially handcuffed Palli with his hands in front of him and placed him in the back of the cruiser.  A few minutes later, he removed Palli from the cruiser because he was concerned that Palli was trying to hide contraband in the seats.

As Hesseltine was trying to remove an item from under the cruiser's seat, Palli ran back to his own vehicle and drove off.

Wiscasset Police gave chase, but backed off when speeds reached 100 miler per hour.

Later, Richmond Police found Palli's car wrecked down an embankment.  Palli was found a short time later at his Richmond residence.

Palli was taken to Two Bridges Regional Jail, where his BAC was tested.  Four hours after the stop, he still reportedly popped at 0.08.  Palli has been charged with several crimes including operating under the influence, operating without a license, and violating conditions of release.

According to WGME, Hesseltine released a statement that said, in part:

I am embarrassed by how the events unfolded and thankful that the incident came to a peaceful resolution without anyone being injured. For years I have heard backlash from people on how we conduct ourselves as police officers and the manner in how we treat people in order to assure our personal safety and that of the publics.

Read the entire statement here

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