A big 'tip of the Moose antlers' to our latest 'Hometown Hero' powered by HS Builders and the Red Barn.

Rocky Gaslin

Business Owner/Softball Coach

Cony High School

Rocky Gaslin and his wife Barbara are the most generous and caring people I know. Aside from owning their successful business, they also devote their time and money into coaching the Cony High School softball team. Each and every day they go beyond their duties as coaches and inspire the people around them to be better people. If anyone is ever in need of anything, Rocky and Barb are the first to offer a hand. Along with the rest of the amazing coaching staff, they push us to the extreme and give us the skills we need to be successful in everything we do. Growing up basically on his own, Rocky was forced to grow up fast and build his own future. His success story is an inspiration to all and shows that hard work pays off. He and his wife truly find pleasure in giving back to the community and deserve recognition for their accomplishments.

Nominated by Olivia Deeves