By the end of the month, Time Warner Cable will have added Al-Jazeera America to its lineup.  BUT TWC is cutting New England Cable News for its Maine customers. Al-Jazeera America is the English-language counterpart to the Al-Jazeera network. I have checked out the website Al-Jazeera America and Al-Jazeera America Facebook page, I think it is interesting.

There is SO much news in our world and so many news outlets that I think there is always room for  more.  Daily, I check a number of sites for news about our world. I know I can’t depend on just one. Al-Jazeera America has some really interesting stuff and I will be checking them on a regular basis. Gees, if anything, it will be the name that holds them back. Al-Jazeera bought out Al Gore’s Current TV network to find a place on the television dial in many markets across the country.