Planes came from everywhere for the 40th annual International Seaplane Fly-In in Greenville on Moosehead Lake this weekend. Festivities wrap up today but the forecast for the day may keep attendance down...

When we got there Saturday, Pritham Avenue between Greenville and Greenville Junction was packed with cars and spectators. We found a place to park at the church across from the Greenville schools then walked to where all the action was.

I loved the carnival like atmosphere and the smell of fair type food wafting through the air. The best place to watch is from the deck at the Black Frog Restaurant and Inn, but there was no way to get a seat there unless you wanted to wait for over an hour. No thanks! Marie-Anne took a short break by finding a stool at the counter of the Stress Free Moose and having a frosty beverage. Daughter Michelle and boyfriend Jeremy stayed out among the masses.

The three day event is filled with seaplane events than anyone can enjoy, like the "bomb drop" and "spot landing." In fact, if you look closely at the last plane on the video, you can see a grapefruit fall from the cockpit. They're trying to get the "bomb" as close to the in-water target as they can!