The Moose Morning Show (Myself, Jon & Mac) will be pitching in Saturday to help clean-up the Augusta Dog park...and we can use your help.
If you are an Augusta Dog Park parent you (and your dog) are probably frustrated by the Augusta Dog Park having been closed mid-winter because of health concerns.   It was a two part problem. One, people were not picking up after their dogs (Gross!) Second, some of that dog waste had worms (Super gross!) That is when it went from being just rude to a health hazard for the dogs and people.

What happened is the Augusta Dog Park Advisory Committee advised the City of Augusta that the park should be closed and why. The powers that be agreed and it was locked down. Now we wait.

Here is what the ADP Chairman had to say recently:

Augusta Dog Park REOPENING Update From: The ADP Committee
-First of all, THANK YOU to everyone for being patient during this shutdown. It was a move we hated to make, but it was all based on the health and safety of our dogs and their owners. We are going to need VOLUNTEERS to get and keep the ADP open, safe and clean. We are going to need your help.
-As of now, we HOPE to have the ADP reopening on April 15th. (*This date is weather dependent) As of now, we are planning a cleanup day Sat, April 12th from 9-1, or until we are finished. (*This date is weather dependent) The agenda for cleanup day will include raking the grounds, laying some additional ground cover and spraying for the contamination concerns. The volunteers will be needed Sat April 12th (*This date is weather dependent).
-The park cannot reopen until the work is done. These dates and schedule are ALL weather dependent. The snow and ice needs to be gone, the ground needs to be dry and the day needs to be dry to do work on the ADP. We will keep you updated by Facebook and on the kiosk at the park.

YES…volunteers will be needed that day. YES…it would be super helpful (but not necessary) if those volunteers bring a rake and gloves or anything that might be helpful to rake up and clean up the grounds.  NO…dogs will not be allowed on clean-up day.  NO…the ADP cannot reopen until the cleanup AND spraying is done.  REMEMBER…This April 12th date is 100% weather dependent; the park needs to be clear and dry to be cleaned. So, there is no guarantee that the park will be open in mid-April. There is a second date of May 3 if it needs to be pushed back and opening ASAP after the spraying takes place.

The ADP Committee needs volunteers at as well. If you can’t make the meetings you can still take part…they need helpful dog parents to help get and keep the ADP safe and clean. Keep in touch with the ADP on Facebook is super easy…here is the link to their page. *Woof*