If you thought Tuukka Rask was off his game Thursday night against Montreal there may be a good reason for it. He was expecting, well, his girlfriend was, and they now have a baby girl! Are you surprised? I am. The Boston media doesn't get wind of everything, so it seems.

Their baby was due Friday and everything was set if their daughter came early. The team obviously knew Rask was about to have a child, in fact the team had all of their ducks lined up if Rask’s partner was to go into labor during a game or practice, whether their child came early on time or late. Imagine if Rask had to leave mid-game. Back-up goalie Chad Johnson knew his role, he was going to be the goaltender.

If Rask’s significant other came to be overdue, there was a plane set up to bring him  back to Boston from Montreal, but seeing now as their daughter was born, there is no need.

I have no stats or a name on their little one as of yet and can’t find the mother’s name, but, congratulations to Tuukka, and his significant other and their new bundle of joy.