In 2012 on TV, whether you have cable or satellite you can find pretty much any older show you want. TV Land shows quite a few as does HUB and few others. You can watch 'MASH,' 'Three's Company,' even 'The Jeffersons,' 'Wings' and 'Newhart.' The only show that seems to be missing is my all time favorite, 'WKRP in Cincinnati.'  It is kind of odd to me that 'WKRP' has never really resurfaced. I am partial I guess where the show is about a radio station. What were they, #12 in a 14 station market? Lines like "as God is my witness I thought turkeys could fly" Are classics. Over the years working in radio, you sort of think of who equals which character. For example, who would Andy Travis be at the Moose? Who would Bailey Quarters be in the building, same for Venus and Dr. Johnny Fever? Me you ask, don't believe they had an afternoon drive guy?  Maybe the show has never returned for any duration other than a marathon every 10 years because of a conflict over royalties? I don't know. The show used real music for Fever's intros, Hot Blooded by Foreigner was one that I remember. Fellow babies, it really was in my opinion, the best show ever.