Earlier tonight I had a live broadcast at McDonald’s on Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville. McDonald’s is one of my favorite places to do events. Maybe it’s the food? Maybe it’s the nostalgia attached to fast food and being a teenager working at a restaurant? Thanks to the owners, managers and staff for having us today. Congratulations to the Moose T-shirt winners and thanks to the listeners for stopping by and grabbing a bite to eat.

Right now at McDonald’s they have five extra value meals for under $5. This includes the Big Mac meal which comes with a medium fry and drink. The other extra value meals for under $5, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, two cheeseburger meal, 10 piece McNugget meal and the Filet-O-Fish extra value meal.  Wednesdays at McDonald’s The All American Meals are under $2 each from 4-7. That’s the hamburger, cheeseburger and four piece McNugget meals. Newman’s Own organics coffee, any size is just a $1!  McDonald’s has incredible prices and it makes for an inexpensive quick meal out.

While we were there, Courtney 'employee extraordinaire' was doing the face painting. Quite an artist I must say. I didn’t keep track but she painted quite a few faces that came through. I had fun and it looked like they did as well.