Daily Distraction

Matt James Reviews ‘The Conners’
I know that ABC booted her and changed the name to 'The Conners'. But, for the sake of continuity, can't we just keep calling the program 'Roseanne'? Crap, I just called it a "program", now I'm really showing my age. Anyway, here's my review from the seas…
Best of MMS: Haunted Alexa
I would say that this is just in time for Halloween, but unfortunately this is not something Amazon has intended for their smart devices. Turns out these bad boys are pretty easy to hack!
Keri James Reacts to Matt’s Shaven Face
It's pretty much general knowledge now that I shaved my face in it's entirety this week. Only because for the last five years my wife has intermittently asked me to so she can "see what I look like without it". So I did. She phoned in to the Moose Morning Show today to let us kno…
I’m Already Regretting This
My wife is always telling me to shave it off so she can "see what I look like without it". Well, now she knows, and her first question? "How long does it take to grow back?!"
#MattAsPooh is trending on Facebook?
Fast forward a couple weeks and now we have a Facebook post up with a photoshopped picture of me as Winnie the Pooh. So now if this photo get 1,000 likes, I have to dress the whole family up as 'Pooh' characters. Get to likin'!

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