Annual Zumbathon Will Benefit Maine’s Vets This Year
Do you like to dance? Do you like to stay fit? Or, like me, like TRYING to stay fit? How about helping our state's vets? If this sounds like you then you'll want to boogie on over to Madison Junior High School, 205 Main Street, to get your zumba on! This is an annual event that is designed to help l…
First Case of Zika Virus Confirmed in Maine
The Maine Center for Disease Control announced Today (Feb. 25) that it has confirmed that a Mainer has tested positive for the Zika virus.
The confirmed case is that of a mature adult (age 65 or older) from Hancock County. The person had recently traveled to a Zika-affected country...
Why Don’t We Eat Cereal in the Morning Anymore?
There was nothing like starting your morning with a bowl of your favorite cereal, I used to love Cap'n Crunch Berries. You would spend the time crunching away, reading the entire box and maybe, just maybe you got a little surprise toy, too. That has all changed.
8 Common Heart-Disease Myths You Should Know About
Heart disease is often referred to as a "silent killer" because so many people don't realize they're at risk or have cardiovascular health issues. The malady kills about 2,200 Americans every day, making heart disease deadlier than all forms of cancer combined. And yet, there are…

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