What The Hell Is Up With The Traffic Lights In Augusta?!?
The traffic lights in Augusta are going to cause me to drive off a bridge.  Calm down...not literally....just figuratively.  I'm not talking about one set of lights...there are multiple intersections where the lights, clearly, are short fused or malfunctioning.
Everyone Runs Out Of AC’s When It’s Scorching Out
I know what you're thinking.. Matt, prepare in advance and buy an air conditioner before it's the surface of the sun outside. Yes, I know, I probably should have. But I didn't. So here I sit slow-boiling in my living room watching Shark Tank...
Should Maine Have A ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law?
Earlier this week, in Florida, there was a shooting that resulted in the death of a father of 3.  The incident...was over a parking space.  Michael Drejka fatally shot Markeis McGlockton at a convenience store in Clearwater.  However, Drejka isn't facing any charges.  Why?

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