How would you feel about a headstone shaped like Sponge Bob? Well, some have a problem with it in historic Cincinnati cemetery.  The headstone is for a young woman who was murdered earlier this year in a hotel room. Her boyfriend has been charged. She also is an Iraq war veteran. 

The headstone of 28 year old Kimberly Walker was crated with her favorite cartoon character Sponge Bob and was installed Oct. 10. The family had the prior approval from the cemetery for the design of Sponge Bob in an Army uniform. But the day after it went in the cemetery staff called them the day after it was installed to say it would have to come down. Not cool.

Well, there are two of these seven foot Sponge Bob headstones. There was a second one put in at the same time for the future use of Kim’s twin sister. They say, both need to go.

The cemetery has a historic tone and this is not the place for the headstones that are not traditional.  An employee of the cemetery approved the headstones. They admit the cemetery is at fault and they are working to find a solution. The cemetery would like to see a more traditional gravestone with maybe a smaller image of Sponge Bob. The cemetery is also willing to pay up. They will reimburse the family for each headstone, which cost a combined $26,000 AND pay for new ones.

I am fairly nontraditional, so I don’t see the issue. I think if it reflects the person and family is happy why not?  I walk a lot in cemeteries and it is interesting to see how some headstones are more personal than others. If I would see this, I would smile and carefully read the stone and think about the person who it represents. I want any headstone of mine to have the same impact. To be thought about. At least the cemetery says they are at fault and has offered to pay the cost. But is NEVER should have gotten to that point.