If you listen to the Moose Morning Show regularly, then you know Matt James recently was married. He is heading out on his honeymoon cruise, and he revealed recently that before every cruise, he gets himself a new pair of 'Cruise Shoes!' We had some fun with this little tidbit of knowledge and asked Matt if we could help pick out his new 'Cruise Shoes!'

He agreed! However, we wanted to put another twist on it. We want to involve Moose Nation and maybe raise a little money for The Capital Region Salvation Army.

If we could get enough funds to buy some snow boots and other shoes for those, that may have to go without, that would be a wonderful bonus!

So, what we are asking is, for you to make a donation, of any amount, and that will entitle you to take part in the final decision of Matt's 'Cruise Shoes!'

Matt promises to wear the winning pair on his honeymoon cruise. Make sure to watch the video above to make an informed decision.

Please donate here and vote below!







** Renee really doesn't expect Matt to wear the flip-flops that glitter, because they don't fit, but, hey we do live in a democracy!