I’m all for giving your child a unique name (I have a daughter whose middle name is Winter), but sometimes I ask myself “what’s wrong with people?” 

There’s a woman from Australia who just named her daughter KVIIIlyn.  Yeah, I didn’t get it when I first saw it either…  It’s Kaitlyn.  “K”, the Roman Numerals for “8”, and “lyn”.  Kaitlyn!

The girl’s mother, Mavis, said she chose to spell it that way because she loves the name Kaitlyn, but hated how popular the it was.  Her husband suggested they make the name stand out by replacing the “ait” with the Roman Numerals for “8”.    Mission accomplished!  And, it’s not a shocker that the internet has gone nuts over this…

And it led me to thinking, what other unusual names are there out there?

Share your unusual name choices below, and let us know why you chose it.