Have you switched to Electricity Maine? You will save on the supply portion of your bill over the 'standard offer.' On top of saving monthly, you’ll also be supporting great Mainers in the process, like Will Fessenden and the others who work out of Electricity Maine’s home office in Auburn.

The people who run Electricity Maine are truly are a great bunch. Today I met them as I along with others in the media at the 'Free Power for a Year' celebration. A few of the most recent winners were on site get their pictures taken and be congratulated.

Yes, if you were wondering if people win these contests, yes they do. People like you and me. You’ll most likely see the story on Channel 13 news either starting at 5:00pm or the later broadcasts.

If you haven’t switched over to Electricity Maine yet, what are you waiting for? We’re saving at home, you can too. As for how much, I’m not absolutely sure, but I can tell my bill is about equal to run a four bedroom home now as it was with the 'standard offer' at my old two bedroom apartment with half as many lights.

Cheers to Electricity Maine and wishing you the very best in 2013!