After 50 years in the world's oldest profession, these, ahem, ladies are hanging up their....errrrrrr....well, they're calling it quits. And its been quite a run for Louise and Martine Fokkens in Amsterdam!

Both women have been working Amsterdam's legendary red light district and have "slept" with 355, 000 paying "gentlemen." Eat your heart out, Wilt Chamberlain! Ooops, he's dead. My bad.

At 70-years-old, these businesswomen have been "around the block" a few times but both agree it's time to end their run. Louise says her arthritis makes sexual positions too painful and Martine says she's having trouble getting new clients and says she just keeps getting the same guys who like weekly S&M sessions. Mmmmm, okay....tmi.

If you, like me, are eager to learn more about these career ladies, check out the video, "Meet The Fokkens." I was a little disappointed as I expected a cameo by Ben Stiller or Robert DeNiro.