Well, we just wrapped up a very long week cheering on our favorite sports teams. We had the bookend New England Patriots games, starting with the unbelivable comeback against New Orleans, then the heartbreaking loss in overtime to the New York Jets. In between, sleepless nights yelling and screaming the Boston Red Sox on to the World Series. This week, the pressure builds as the Fall Classic gets underway. I already don't have any fingernails left.

We spend hours and hours cheering our favorite teams. But, why?

Just when I need it, my favorite comedy musical duo, Garfunkel and Oates (Riki Lindhome & Kate Micucci), sing their version of a sports anthem. They knock some sensibility into us with lyrics like: "You had aspirations as a kid but you didn't have the skill. So you watch genetically superior people do the things you never will."

If that doesn't make you wonder why we waste so much time cheering on others, maybe these lyrics will: "Watching able-bodied millionaires play with each other. Watching less agile millionaires talk about it on TV."

Nahhhhh....We love it! GO SOX! GET BEARD!