Have you ever sent in for a rebate and forgotten about it, then to check the mail months later and get it? That sort of thing happened to me. When I worked here at 92 Moose before from October 1996-November 1997 as a part timer three owners ago, I either signed up or was given it as part of the hiring process, a 401K.

It was the mid 90s and I was young, I probably should have put into it, but I didn’t. I remember getting statements through the years, kind of chuckling over the amount. For whatever reason, it was paid out.

Want to guess how much the check I got in the mail yesterday was for? Wait for it, a whopping, $13.44. So my question now is what should I spend my 401K on? Should I go out to dinner? How about lottery tickets? Maybe get my beverages for New Years Eve? Kind of a pointless story but it was cool to get a windfall. Like finding money in your winter coat from the previous year or winning on a scratch ticket or like finding an old wallet. Maybe luck is on my side and I’ll find that too.