Halloween is here. Kids are trick or treating tonight. I hope to see you all before you go trick or treating at our Annual 92 Moose Halloween Party at the Augusta Armory from 4pm to 6pm. At the party we'll have two hours of fun, prizes and music. What is your favorite Halloween song? Halloween music is a tradition, just like at Christmas. It's a chance to hear those songs you don't normally. Michael Jackson's "Thriller" probably takes the cake for most heard and played. Some others you hear, "Nightmare on my Street" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Who remembers the "Freaks Come Out At Night" by Whodini? "The Monster Mash," that as well is a staple at Halloween! Others that might be included, "Welcome To My Nightmare" by Alice Cooper and my all-time favorite song with a Halloween tone, " I Would Do Anything Fore Love" by Meatloaf.  Enjoy the music, come by our party at the Augusta Armory and be safe tonight.