You can't get much happier then when you listen to Pharrell Williams' hit song, "Happy!" Well, just imagine adding puppies and dogs to the mix.

Check out some of these lyrics for the special Pet Collective 'Dog' version of 'Happy!'

I might be waggy but I wanna play
I'm your best friend, you can get awake
I deserve a treat cuz I'm a fluffy babe
I got hair, shakin' the air, doggy by the day

Because I'm yappy
Bark along if you feel like your master loves you
Because I'm waggy
Wag along if you feel like your tail is chasing you
Because I'm floppy
Howl along if you want a cuddle from me to you
Because I'mma doggy
Dog around if you think you're my best friend too

Hey, woof on!