Today we were going to go to this seminar in Portland regarding information about college grants, scholarships and loans but after thinking about it, and looking the organization up online via Google it seems like it's a money racket. We received a letter a few weeks ago referencing "To The Parents of Dylan" our son who is going into high school advertising the convention. Yes it was bad but we were a "no-show." To me it seems that the same information can be obtained for free from the guidance councilor and or FAME

Instead Lynn, Dylan and I did a bit of hedge trimming, bush cutting and painting. We painted a picnic table we bought for $80 last month from a guy who lives and makes them in Greene. I also have watched the whole first season of 'Trailer Park Boys.' I have seen a few episodes over the years and now it's on Netflix. What is 'Trailer Park Boys?' It's a TV show shot for a premium cable channel in Canada and recorded in the Halifax area. The show isn't for everyone. It contains a lot drinking, dope references and swearing.

I went to school with one of the actors, Jonathan Torrens, "J-Roc" and am familiar with Sarah Dunsworth who was my sister's friend and Trisha Fish a former boss' daughter.

I like the show mostly because I can pick out landmarks in the show which they don't hide. It's funny in a sophomoric way and if you're from the area there are a few things you can pick out that are funny or ironic in an inside joking kind of way.

'Trailer Park Boys' is a "mockumentary" and focuses on a trailer park in suburban HRM (Halifax Regional Municipality) and said to be in the outskirts of Dartmouth. Yes, I'm late to the party on this show especially coming from Halifax due to accessibility to it but Trailer Park Boys is pretty timeless.