Wendy Aucoin with her son Cameron, Margaret Rodrique and her daughter Emma with the KMD, Waterville, Dunkin' Donuts staff.

Today, if you roll into a participating Dunkin’ Donuts in Maine and buy an iced coffee you’re helping the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital (BBCH) in Portland. A dollar from every iced coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts goes right to the cause. You still have plenty of time to get yours. Thank you for getting one if you have already.

Earlier today I had a wonderful time at Dunkin’ Donuts on Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville. I met a couple of wonderful families who are recipients of the great care and technology the BBCH gives to children with health issues.

I met Wendy Aucoin, her husband and her son Cameron who are Ambassadors for the BBCH. I heard amazing stories from the Aucoins and Margaret Rodrique and her daughter, Emma. Emma was as happy as can be. She is almost four years old and smiling ear to ear.  Emma’s smile and happiness is quite a testament to the BBCH.

I also want to congratulate the $50 gas card winner from our broadcast, Steven Gilbert of Oakland! Free gas is always nice!.

Thanks to the Dunkin’ Donuts’ owners, and their staff for their generosity. A dollar is quite a bit when think of the costs involved. So head to your local Dunkin’ Donuts and help out the cause.